Thursday, 24 November 2016

Activities 2015-16


Invited lecture: 
Department of Botany  organized an invited lecture on 1.2.16 Biodiversity conservationfrom known to unknown  by Dr.P.Ramachandra prasad,Assistant Proffesor,lab for spatial informatics,IIIT,Gachibowli,Hyderabad.


Plantation Programme:
Organised by the department of botany on 15.7.15 in thecollegecampus.Dr.Sr.Rekha,Principal,Staff members from Botany,Zoology,Biotechnology and Ecoclubmembers,Dr.V.N.Mangadevi and Mrs.G. Usha kumari,iii BSc (CBZ-BIOTECH)students participated.About 100 plants of Shady,Ornamental and Medicinal plants are planted in the campus,Botanical and Medicinal gardens.

Association Activity:
In commemoration of Sir.Gregor Johann Mendel,Father of Genetics,
the Department of Botany, Biotechnology conducted a student seminar on Relevance on Mendels work on 22.7.15,our Principal,Dr.Sr.Japamalai,H.O.D of zoology,Department of Botany,Smt.Nitya jeeva prada,Dept.of zoology,Smt.C.V.L.Karuna and Departmental members of Botany,Students of I,II,III BSc(CBZ-BIOTECH) Intermediate students participated in the Essay writing(38) Competitions and Elocution competition(15)

Biology exhibition:
Department of Botany,Zoology,  ,Biotechnology organized one day Biology Exhibition conducted on 13.8.15 and 14.8.15 on Medicinal plants ,Various disease causing organisms,models depicting environmental issues and various Biotechnological preparations.
Various Z.P,Municipal corporation schools,Staff and students of Vijayawada visited and appreciated and enlightened.

Invited lecture:
Department of Botany  organized an invited lecture on Gene mapping by Dr.Naveena lavanya latha,Assistant Proffesor,Department of Biotechnolgy,Krishna university Nuzivid campus
She explained on Gene transfer,Mapping of genes, Identification of genes on the chromosome of an organism

Student activity:
 Department of Botany conducted studentactivity on16.9.15-Identification,collection,of medicinal plants from the campus  on the Eve of GANESH CHATURDHI.(Pathripuja) and distributed to staff and students of the college.

                                              FLOWER ARRANGEMENT COMPETITION

Department of Botany collaboration with IIIT(International Institute of Information technology)Hyderabad.Conducting awareness programme on application of Geospatial technology for academia from Botany,Zoology and Environmental studies.
Dr.P.Ramachandraprasad Assistant Proffesor,lab for spatial informatics,IIIT,Gachibowli,Hyderabad.He emphasized on Howto protect the natural resources,How to conserve water  and its management.

Botanical tour:
Department of Botany&Zoology conducted biological tour on 30-11-15 inIIOPR(INDIAN INSTITUTE OF OIL PALM RESEARCH Pedavegi .Nearly sixty two studentsand five faculty members ,two lab assistants  were attended.

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